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The Power of an Intranet

Empower your team to find the right information at the right time on a collaboration platform that will grow and develop with your company. Microsoft SharePoint provides a powerful array of tools that enables users to design, build and implement a solution that will allow you to make real business process improvements within your organisation.

Whether your SharePoint platform is on premise or in the cloud let the Coritsu team show you how you can get the most out of the technology for your company.

The Coritsu team takes a business analysis approach to any solution implementation to ensure that we are maximising the customers ROI and what is built helps a customer do what they do better. Using a “Customer Journey” methodology the team helps organisations capture and create the strategy/vision for what you are trying to achieve with the solution. This methodology helps companies to grow their intranet as a series of co-ordinated steps instead of just an adhoc approach.


How we can help

  •  Solution Design (Information Architecture)
  • Templated Solutions (HR, Safety, Intranet, ISO)
  • On Premise or Office 365 setup and installation
  • Page Layouts, Themes and Design
  • User adoption Training and documentation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Security Groups and Protocols
  • Version Upgrades
  • On-going support and development assistance

How we work

Building an amazing intranet is more than just the application of webparts, it requires a methodology and a structure. If we start every system by mapping out the customer journey through the organisation then we know the solution we are creating has a plan, a focus and a strategy.

We Educate

The Coritsu team will introduce your team to the business application platform of SharePoint and take them on a journey of discovery with respect to what SharePoint is and how it can work for your company whether on premise or in the cloud.

We Analyse and Design

Using the your teams knowledge of the business we design a solution that puts the power of the solution back in the users hands. The beauty of taking such an approach is that it helps everyone feel engaged and part of the team.

We Document and Build

Taking what has been designed, the Coritsu team will break it down into manageable and cost effective projects, that can be rolled out in stages to ensure that the solution works for the organisation and real process improvement takes place.

We Facilitate Change

User adoption is always the greatest challenge with the implementation of new systems or solutions within an organisation. Through user adoption training and feedback the Coritsu team will help you get the project across the line.

A basic Intranet

The design of an intranet should not only reflect the customer journey but also be simple to use, the aim is for the solution to be functional in design and easy for your users to find what they want when they want. But that doesn’t mean that it cant also be fun and information rich. The basic design demonstrated here uses out of the box functionality and webparts from the apps store. From the mini calendar, twitter feed to the news blog its about simply and easily creating a page that reflects your companies requirements and is also going to be a place your staff will want to visit. The Coritsu team specialises in helping you do just that .