Forms, Workflows and Integration

The nirvana for many organisations is the automation of processes and the integration of various software solutions to help drive organisational efficiencies. In a world of Apps and webparts, how do you know that the solution you are looking to buy will fit the functionality of your organisation. SharePoint is an amazing collaboration toolset that allows users to design build and then integrate various solutions to drive organisational efficiency improvements. Through the smart use of lists, libraries, business connectivity services and API’s, SharePoint can be configured to either generate, receive and report on information from various sources.



Information gathering is an integral part of any organisation today, whether that’s a leave request form, Incident form, Suggestion form or others. They can provide vital information from internal and external human resources. Through the use of a list within SharePoint and using tools such as Nintex forms, the Coritsu team can design and build custom form solutions, that is available on any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone. Imagine the power of being able to submit an incident or near miss form on your mobile device when it happens.

Process map

Work Flows

Newton once said, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” so why not make your SharePoint system work for you with smart and intuitive workflows that aid in process automation. Imagine if you could fill out a form on a mobile device and once you have submitted it, it sends a series of tasks or alerts to people to work through various parts of the form. All this can then be tracked within SharePoint in a simple but intuitive way.



One of the biggest hurdles with respect to technology today is that one solution doesn’t solve all business problems nor should it, hence an integral part of driving real process automation and improvement is system integration. Something that SharePoint handles with ease. Imagine if you will that you have an ERP system that contains a stock list and you want that list to be accessible within a form. This is not an impossible dream any more with SharePoint….

So lets look at an example of this functionality at work

In a recent example a client of ours needed a solution that would help their sales team that was out on the road submit orders through to their internal sales staff. The current process revolved around phone, fax, email or even hand written notes an excel spreadsheet then manual entry into their sales system. Needless to say the system wasn’t fool proof and it wasn’t uncommon for customers to get the wrong product or quantity, there needs to be a better way.

So how did we solve this? I hear you ask