Demystifying Document Management and SharePoint


A hot topic within business today is the issue of information management, what is the best way to store, manage and retrieve data within a shared drive environment or SharePoint. Many companies are now seeing that there are tremendous operational savings to be made in where information is saved and managed within a company. This has led to the introduction of dedicated document management solutions, organised file folder structures and the use of metadata structures or tags.

Once the domain of only large businesses with dedicated staff and expensive software was document management, however today with software such as SharePoint its easy for an organisation of any size to implement an accreditable document management solution.

The key to any successful migration from a file folder structure to a document management solution is planning and design and this is where Coritsu outpaces its opposition. Through the smart use of SharePoint a wealth of experience and the “Customer Journey” methodology, the Coritsu team can help you to design, Create, Manage and Maintain a solution that is both intuitive and easy to use.

How can we help?

  • Design a solution strategy, that works for your company
  • Move away from the chaos of a file folder structure to a solution that uses metadata
  • Integrating Document Management into your organisational practices
  • Build document approval processes and workflows
  • Teaching your staff how to get the most out of the solution
  • Creating information portals,
  • Marry your intranet design into your document management and accreditation requirements
  • Solve many of the issues created by a poorly managed and maintained file folder based shared drive
  • Define a corporate governance structure

Checkout Zegami a new way to take the functionality of a document library to the next level

Take your document management to the next level with Zegami

Zegami makes a document/image library come alive in a very dynamic way, letting you sort group and compare documents/images in an agile way like never before.

Why use Zegami?

A well structured document management solution can help to drive organisational efficiencies, but its the ease in which you can find those documents that provides the true value on your investment.

The Advantages of Zegami

Display up to 20,000 items from a document library, then search, sort or filter them with the swipe of a finger or the click of a mouse, for almost instant viewing in a way that up until now was thought to be impossible within SharePoint.

Zegami is designed to sit on any database but especially SharePoint on premise or the cloud, if you would like to know more about how to unlock the power of this application as a Image Management, Document Management or Asset Management User Interface then Click Here…